Tuesday, January 2, 2007

How he did it...

2:30 p.m.

Rep. Dennis O'Brien became speaker by defeating former speaker Rep. John Perzel in a 105-97 vote.

He has six Republicans, who broke ranks with their leadership, to thank: Reps. Kerry Benninghoff (R., Center), Jim Cox (R., Berks), Brad Roae (R., Crawford), Sam Rohrer (R., Berks), Curt Schroder (R., Chester) and David Steil (R., Bucks).

They outnumbered the three Democrats -- Reps. Thomas Caltagirone (D., Berks), Angel Cruz (D., Phila.) and Rosita Youngblood (D., Phila.) -- who voted for Perzel.


Kevin said...

My assumption is that Bob Guzzardi supported all the dissident Republicans in some capacity. Does anyone know if that is accurate?

Council Rock SB Watch said...

The district that O'Brien represents is a Democratic district that is becoming more Democratic. He might as well switch as it would make it easier for him to be re-elected.

19,023 Democrats
14,334 Republicans
2,497 Indies and others